Adventist Health System, Waterloo Hospital, Sierra Leone, Waterloo-Masiaka Highway

We Care but God Heals  

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Rural Medical & Evangelism Outreach

Started in March, 2011 when Dr. Felix Ikuomoula, a Nigerian from the United States send by Adventist Health International to help revive the hospital, saw the needs of the people who are in the local communities that lack medical facilities. A decision to reach out to poor communities helped us to identify many problems affecting these poor communities. We discovered many health problems in these communities and their inability to access good medical facilities. Many people cannot come to the hospitals because of poverty and ignorance. Other who can afford and have started treatment expected to get well in no time and no sooner they have started taken treatment for about few days and they are not totally recovered, begins to suspect a witch hunt on them and that, the illness is not an ordinary one. They normally ended up visiting the native doctors and herbalist in the deep villages.

We always started by teaching them some good health practices along with the work of God from the bible, since the hospital is a Christian institution and it mission is to spread the gospel through healing as Jesus did.

Last Friday I had the opportunity to go on a mobile clinic, It was staffed by two excellent nurses and one student nurse. These nursed were able to discover the causes of many illnesses and to provide the correct treatment.

We saw 80 patients in about six hours. There were many malaria patients who received medicine and their illness was treated earlier in the diseases, sometimes patients wait too long to come to the hospital and end up dyeing. It is very upsetting when a parent waits too long to bring their sick children to the hospital. They often die because the disease controls their bodies.We also saw pneumonia - hernias and joint pains. The nurses were able to find the right medicine for each illness. They are dedicated to helping their brothers and sisters of Sierra Leone. I was proud to be among such fine nurses.


Mary Riley; Volunteer Nurse from the United States.